Phala Network has more than 50 nodes, which can guarantee the security and disaster preparedness of the TEE blockchain network.


Different from the traditional blockchain, when the confidential smart contract of the Phala network is called, the contract code is loaded into the TEE memory for execution. 80% of the TPS of the CPU executing the confidential smart contract, the processing performance is very high.


More than 80% of Phala tokens were distributed fairly to more than 100,000+ W3A users. The Phala team has no ICO attempt: we believe that fair distribution of tokens can ensure the smooth development of the community.

The Future of Trust Machine

Safe and secure

The hardware enclave is the key of confidentiality and the integrity. In Phala.Network, trusted computing capable CPUs provide the low level isolation that can even resists OS and hardware level attacks.


With Remote Attestation protocol, users can verify that all the transactions are executed in a trusted environment securely. In Phala.Network, all the execution can be traced to a set of cryptographic evidences.


Confidential contracts run in miner nodes with Trusted Computing capable hardware, which guarantees the secrecy of the contract data.

Don't rely on Intel

Phala.Network will support multiple TEEs including Intel SGX, AMD SEV, and ARM TrustZone.

Cross chains

Phala Network is based on substrate. It will be one of the Parachains on Polkadot. This is why any developer on any blockchain could use confidencial smart contract on Phala Network.

Web3 Stack

Phala Network is all with Web3.0 stack protocol. Phala will built layers for most blockchains so that the protocol will run forever.

We’re serious about security

Phala Network implements Confidential Smart Contract with a TEE-Blockchain Hybrid Architecture. Confidential smart contracts run in a special enclave inside the CPU. Contract execution is completely isolated from the outside world, which guarantees the confidentiality. At the same time, by combining blockchain, it solves the problems of functionality, security, and ease of use of TEE. It makes TEE truly usable.

How is W3A decentralized?

Until the public beta, the data will be served in a semi-decentralized way. The W3A team will store the encrypted data on some public cloud storage providers. The data is encrypted and distributed over the IPFS network. The address of the encrypted files are public available. So everyone can replicate the encrypted data on demand.

How it works

With the power of TEE, users’ personal data are kept secretly and can only be used in an approved way. As a result, users literally get the 100% control of their data.


In Web3 Analystics SDK, the user data is end-to-end encrypted. The encrypted data is stored in a decentralized storage network.Only the user and the confidental smart contract has the access of the encryption key.

Authority Management

The confidential contract only analyze the data in ways authorized by the user in a TEE enclave.Authorized confidential contract can analyze the encrypted user data and output the analysis results. The results are displayed on W3A data visualization dashboard.

Privacy data computing

Users can manage the data, the access permission of the data, and can also delete the data on their own. When the analysis is a part of the data trading, the value of the deal is recorded transparently on the blockchain, and the profit of the deal can be distributed to the data owners in a transparent way. Details are discussed in the next section.

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