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Our Mission

In the Web 2.0 world, the market does not have high demand to be “trustless”. Data protection technology is mainly used in the DRM field. Bitcoin was born in 2009. Since then, the world has gradually lost trust in large Internet companies like Facebook. The concept of Web 3.0 has been proposed, blockchain has been used to solve trust issues, and the market has gradually developed The existing blockchains cannot achieve data confidentiality, which greatly limits the application scenarios.

Our Team


Hang leads the tech team. He is former senior software engineer at Google in charge of Google ’s leading Chinese speech recognition, voice search project, and Gmail intelligent semantic assistant. He is also the Bitcoin Gold founder and chief development

Marvin Tong

Marvin is the founder and CEO of Phala Network. He is a senior product manager which have worked for Tencent and DIDI for more than 4 years.

Shunfan Zhou

Lead Resercher
PhD, System Software and Security Lab, Fudan University,Research areas cover binary vulnerability mining, blockchain security research, etc.

Zhe Wang

Chief Financial Officer
Zhe Wang is graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology’s School of Computer Science and Technology .He has been CEO from Heyskill and Hahalingshou CTO.

Jun Jiang

Co-Founder, Lead Developer
Jun Jiang is Chief Development of Phala. He had been KnewOne CTO、former DJI software architect.Jiang Jun has a huge influence in the technology community.

Xiaoxuan Tang

Senior Developer
Former co-founder of GiftSpeaker and head of Product Technology Department.There are 10 million users of GiftSpeaker technical team building and management experience.

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