Take Back the Web!

100% data controlled by yourself

Blockchain + TEE

With the power of TEE, your privacy is kept securely and you decide how to use. You have the 100% control of your data.


Minimal engineering costs. The SDK can be integrated to your website in seconds without coding.

No big brothers

Unlike Google Analytics, even we (W3A developers) don't know your privacy or fingerprint!

All the insights with privacy preservation!

Separation of DATA powers:
① People own their data with full privacy.
② Confidential smart contracts process the data.
③ Developers run the analyses approved by data owners.

Work out-of-box

Built-in smart contracts cover all the common analytics. You can find all your familiar features as in other tools without compromising privacy.

Your data warehouse

W3A collects all your web and mobile app data and stores it in your personal data warehouse. You can even earn money by lending your data, of course in the way you approved.

GDPR compliance

W3A enforces GDPR. You can fully control your data in Data Manager app in a trustless way. As new regulation evolve, W3A is always at the forefront to create a safe internet experience for everyone.

Connect with top apps and services

Based on your business characteristics and multi-sector composite needs, W3A helps you build an efficient data index system, abstracts user behavior with advanced event models, provides multi-dimensional, multi-index cross-analysis capabilities, and fully supports the daily data analysis needs of each team, Driving business decisions

Connect with social networks and see stats from your profiles

Connect your favorite health apps and track all your stats live

Connect with the top project management apps to stay focused

Connect your eCommerce site to see live sales stats and get alerts

Connect your banking and finance apps to see charts and get alerts

Connect with weather apps and see current location conditions

New Adoption Program

First 100 apps


Phala token
  • integrate W3A SDK
  • basic traffic
  • basic PV
  • basic DAU
  • basic registered useers
  • basic data contribution

100-1000 apps


Phala token
  • integrate W3A SDK
  • basic traffic
  • basic PV
  • basic DAU
  • basic registered users
  • basic data contribution

1000+ apps


no reward
  • integrate W3A SDK
  • basic traffic
  • basic PV
  • basic DAU
  • basic registered users
  • basic data contriibution

Frequently asked questions

We will list the most useful questions about W3A and Phala Network

What is Phala?

Phala is the first confidential smart contract network built on stubstrate, aiming to provide confidential computation and data protection service for enterprises and users. Phala Network would serve the whole Polkadot ecosystem as one of the Polkadot parachains.

What advantages does Phala own?

Composability and Parrallelism of contracts! We allow different contracts to call each other before execute computation, which is hard to realize for many other projects. We’ve been discussing relevant solutions with Parity and have come out with a mature plan.

Why do I need to join Phala’s official community?

First-hand news, bounties, and bonus events await! It would also be a great channel if you want to get connected with our team member 🙂

What is Phala’s core technology?

Phala applies TEE (Trusted Environment Execution) which allows confidential data to run in a isolated and private environment and outputs results alone with authorization.

When will Phala’s testnet and mainnet be ready?

Testnet: by the end of March Mainnet: by the beginning of June Mining would be available with the mainnet launched.